Welch & McLoy Therapy Services provides occupational, physical and speech-language therapy services to infants, toddlers and children ages birth through 21. We also provide therapy services to adults with developmental delays. Treatment approaches emphasize normalization of gross motor, fine motor, perceptual, speech, language, and cognitive skills. Interventions are individually tailored to each child's development within an interdisciplinary team approach. Parental involvement is encouraged throughout the therapeutic process and seen as an important part of the program.

Our clinic has a strong belief in Sensory Integration theory. This theory postulates that a child's ability to integrate, process and respond to information gathered through the senses of vision, hearing, taste, touch, smell, gravity and body position in space affects learning. Problems with sensory integration would lead to problems with learning. Intervention based on Sensory Integration theory would involve the whole child and how he/she interacts with the world. Using this theory, Welch & McLoy Therapy Services, PA utilizes a strong play-based approach. We analyze the child's play skills and responses during each treatment session. Activities are adapted to the child to allow for a "just right" challenge. When appropriately challenged, a child can complete tasks successfully. Success builds confidence and self-esteem that allows for carry-over of learned skills to other situations.